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CCMA Experts, Professional Experience, Exceptional Results

At Labour Law Associates you benefit 

 Labour Lawyer Consultation

After your first consultation your case is handled on a No Win No Fee Basis

You may be awarded up to 12 months compensation

 Legal Representation CCMA, Bargaining Council & Labour Court

Expect advice including Labour Law, Career Counselling and Financial Advice

Legal Aid

Labour Law Associates offer assistance to employees who have been unfairly dismissed on a No Win No Fee Basis after the first consultation on the following cases

Unfair Dismissal

Constructive Dismissal

Unfair Retrenchment

Unfair Discrimination


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Legal Assistance

Got a legal matter that require assistance in the following forums, CCMA, Bargaining Council & Labour Court? We are ready to help. Labour Law Associates has 7 associates ready to advice and assist our clients on Legal matters in Cape Town. We are proud to extend our legal experiences to help serve clients of all types and across the country.

Labour Law Associates

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you pay  anything upfront?

           The is a consultation fee for the first consultation and the matter is taken at a no win no fee basis thereafter.

2. Which fee is applicable

           We charge a fixed Contingency fee . The rate is fixed irrespective of the outcome. In the event of a no win outcome you will not owe us anything.

3.  CCMA legal representations

              We settle between 70% to 90% of our cases at CCMA Conciliation stage, of which an average of 15% proceed to Arbitration. Rule no 25 of the CCMA does not allow           for Legal representation at Conciliation and with respect arbitrations, Legal representation would be available where the CCMA rules allows.

4.  Is Labour Law Associates part of the CCMA?

        We are not a part of the CCMA.The CCMA is an independent public tribunal.The services of the CCMA are Free.

Labour Law Associates

Providing you legal advice and on a NO WIN NO FEE basis

CCMA Experts, Professional Experience, Exceptional Results

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